These are the things that drive Tate everyday

The Beginning

A Little Bit About Me

Hey guys! My name's Tate and I fell in love with web development eight years ago and have never looked back. Since then, I have had the great privilege of working with some of the greatest people in the world. From my first professional site (my Church) to collaborating with some of the largest companies in the world (NBC Universal) I have been blessed to see all kinds of things in the industry. However, now I start a new adventure and you are invited to join me. This is an adventure of story telling and you are the star. Every person has a story to tell, now I will tell yours.

My Family

Behind this man is an even better women.

I have had the great fortune and blessing of marrying a women who will always be better then me in so many ways. Someone who will always tell me the truth and never leave my side. A true partner in life who also happens to be my best friend in every way.

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Our Son

The people that will keep us young are often the smallest.

There is no doubt that the light of the family comes from our energetic and creative son. Smart and curious in every way. There is never enough blanket forts to be made in the living room and Minecraft realms to be explored. He is a true joy that keeps my wife and I forever young.

Personal Interests


Crypto investor, trader, and lover of all things future.

News Junky

Especially if it has to do with politics or foreign affairs.

Awesome TV Shows

HBO & Netflix please.